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Fags, Jews and Machines: What happened in Iowa

In defiance of earlier polls that put him far behind, Buttplug Pete has been declared the winner of the Democratic Party's Iowa Caucus. Initially I thought this meant that he was just set up by the party to be a spoiler for Sanders, but given his recent (if artificial) boost in popularity, I think the Democrats may be trying to position him as their front-runner given how unreliable Biden has proven to be. We know Buttplug has extensive connections to the group that made the voting app, and donated a substantial amount to them as well. I don't think his coup was planned, however, or the rig wouldn't have been so obvious. I think the fag played it as a gambit and caught the DNC unawares, forcing them to concede the victory (or partial victory) to him. He has powerful friends in the CIA and AIPAC, he could have thrown his weight around. It's a shrewd and dishonest move, but given the narcicism inherent in the personalities of many homosexuals, not an unexpected one. It's a match made in hell. Buttfag can fulfill his ambitions of being president, and the higher-ups have an puppet they can easily influence. The fag is the ultimate tool of the Jewish World Order because he is utterly shameless and will perform any evil task to appease his own vanity, which is why sexual liberalism is encouraged among the public to make the masses more docile.

Of course Bernie will let it happen, half because he's passive little worm, and half because he's a shill waiting for his promised payday, just like in the last election. He has a known history of crumbling for minorities. He already let that pedophile faggot Alan Ginsberg write a poem for him, so he's bound to take a knee for another fag. Like the duplicitous coward he is, he will pretend to be the victim while fleecing the gullible faggots who donated to him. This is why the DNC allows him to operate, he is one of their most effective fundraisers, just like he was for Hillary in 2016.

Of course, this may all be just theater. I don't think (((they))) want Zion Don to lose, and America will never intentionally vote a faggot into the White House. Nobody wants to send the President to the G8 with a prolapsed rectum.

We'll see how New Hampshire plays out.

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