I'm back on Gab

https://gab.com/VikTempleton Started a new account on Gab today. Might make a Flote account tomorrow, but I'l still poking around and trying to size the service up. Still looking for a more...

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Fags, Jews and Machines: What happened in Iowa

In defiance of earlier polls that put him far behind, Buttplug Pete has been declared the winner of the Democratic Party's Iowa Caucus. Initially I thought this meant that he was just set up by the party to be a spoiler for Sanders, but giv...

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Fr. Nicholas Gregoris on the Superbowl

All that needs to be said, really. Reminds me of similar remarks by scarface about Jewish control of the Rap industry. It's easy to see the degredat...

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The corona virus and the sudden, deserved death of the China shills

Spend enough time in paleoconservative circles and you will discover that there exists a curious, yet pronounced strain of sinophilia that is as vibrant as it is virulent. I don't just mean an admiration for historical Chinese culture, I me...

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Tucker Carlson is a fag-enabler

Well, I seem to get more of a response when I use the word "fag" in the title of a post, so expect that to be a recurring theme. The "alt-right" such as it is has a history of idol worship. Some b-lister says something mildly critica...

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Faggots rape children and other inconvenient facts about the homosexual movement: A Cheat Sheet

Since Ancient times, homosexuality has operated in tangent with pedophilia, and little has changed through the centuries. Here are some fast facts. In 1972, homosexuals campaigned to "Repeal of all ...

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I'm still alive

Thank you to Wolfish for recommending the blog. If you're a new reader, here's a quick rundown: My Twitter was deleted a few days ago, a...

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Put not your trust in HBD.

Ever notice how the “race realist”/HBD crowd that likes to pin the decline of the West on Christianity is full of philo-semites with yellow fever or non-white spouses/girlfriends. John Derbyshire bemoans the Christian influence on society th...

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A Glib Synopsis of Frozen II

Frozen II is the sequel to Frozen, a movie based on Hans Christian Anderson’s story “The Snow Queen”, if Hans Christian Anderson had been a lesbian cultural studies student during a summer semester at Vassar. The movie opens with Anna...

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Friedrich Nietzsche: Negro Savage

The next time some neo-pagan dolt accuses Christians of following a "slave morality", kindly remind them that the man who coined the term would have preferred to live as a wild African than as a European. The prime anti-W...

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Boris Johnson, The New Julian and British Philosemitism.

Above: Boris Johnson bowing to Nathaniel Rothschild. He that is not with me, is against me: and he that gathereth not with me, scattereth. -Matthew 12:30 You are of your father the ...

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Laurent Guyenot: Neo-Pagan Good Goy

Bellow is an excerpt from the longer piece I'm working on right now and hope to have finished by next week. Many pagans believe that by rejecting the God of the Bible they are somehow striking a blow against the the Judeo-masonic world ...

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