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Tucker Carlson is a fag-enabler

Well, I seem to get more of a response when I use the word "fag" in the title of a post, so expect that to be a recurring theme.

The "alt-right" such as it is has a history of idol worship. Some b-lister says something mildly critical of PC culture and suddenly they can do no wrong. Such is the case with Tucker Carlson, who some naively claim is a champion of true conservatism. While Tucker certainly defends the Judeo-masonic idea of Conservatism as passed down from Burke, even that feeble position appears to be too much for him as he has a documented past of defending the sodomite faggot mockery of "marriage".

From Upworthy:

On July 24, 2007, Carlson said on his show, "I'm just for marriage generally. I'm for people making a lifelong commitment. Do you know what I mean? I'm not against gay marriage, actually, and I'm the most right-wing person I know." Carlson later went on to say, "I think, marriage has been a great thing for me, and I think it's a really civilizing force, and I think it would be a civilizing force for gay people, too."

Well Tucker, fags have been allowed to "marry" eachother for over two decades now in Western nations and they still rape children and spread disease like rats. We knew this in 2007. What an idiot! This is a man with no sense of history. The fact that he could make such a statement like that which flies in the face of all known data and historical knowledge, or even maintain seriously the idea that something so unnatural could be "civilized" shows he has no clear grasp on what civilization is. It says even more about the kind of people who blindly follow this charlatan.

Put not your trust in celebrities.

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