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Put not your trust in HBD.

Ever notice how the “race realist”/HBD crowd that likes to pin the decline of the West on Christianity is full of philo-semites with yellow fever or non-white spouses/girlfriends. John Derbyshire bemoans the Christian influence on society then says we need the Jews to survive and make a better world for his half-breed children. Freed Reed blames the blacks but then says we need to interbreed with the Mexicans. HBD is inconsistent and meaningless. At best it it becomes a cover for some expat's Asian fetish, and at worst it is a smoke screen for tricking the ethnic peoples of Europe into adapting an anglo-masonic "white" idendity based not on their people and culture, but on a heavily judaized English liberalism.

In fact, you could make an argue that the Reason the AmRen/HBD/Race Realist crowd is so accomodating the the Jews is because "Race Realism" is just a reflection of Jewish racial self-idolatry passed down through the Talmudic influences on English ideology. Jared Taylor says Jews are white because he relies on the Jews own self-worship to justify his own position.

Dr. E. Michael Jones saw this inconsistency back in 2007.

Once our culture turned away from Christ and began to embrace the Talmud, fear of ritual impurity would become one of the main instruments of political control, a fact nowhere more evident than in Washington.

The more we delve into this matter the more evident the hypocrisy associated with guilt by association becomes, as one of the main forms of political control. To get back to our original instance, John Sharpe is being demonized by the character assassins at the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-Semite because he attended an American Renaissance conference. Yet, if we log on to the SPLC website and type American Renaissance into their search engine, we find that the SPLC has good things to say about that racist organization. In fact, a quick search of the SPLC web site informs us that AR president Jared Taylor is “an opponent of anti-Semitism.” Shawn Mercer, the man in charge of the American Renaissance’s web discussion group, we are told, “deletes most postings excoriating the Jews.” This only confirms what we have learned from other sources. In an obit on Sam Francis which appeared in the American Conservative, we were told that Jared Taylor wanted to do for white nationalism what William F. Buckley did for conservatism. And what is that? Well, to subvert it in the interests of the Jews. One of the entries at the SPLC site claims that “It is well-known that the American Renaissance does not allow anti-Semitism; it is uptown, 100% clean WN [white nationalism]. Call it a first step if you like, but it is a very important first step, and Jared Taylor has had success.”

HBD tricks Europeans into acting like Jews, but the self-destructive nature of any Talmud-derived ideology means it waill backfire and encouraging mixing with whatever outsider race the practicioner happens to idealize. Actually, this is exactly what happened to the Jews who rejected Christ and intermarried with the Babylonians and every other heathen tribe they came accross during the diaspora, which explains why there is no racial continunity between the Israelites of the Old Testament and modern Ashkenazi Jews. By making themselves towards the standard instead of looking towards God, there is no indescretion that cannot be justified, including race-mixing. "Whiteness" like "Jewishness" quickly becomes conditional and as malleable as it needs to be to gain a momentary advantage for the "race".

The traditional Christian understanding of ethnicity preserved European charactes and cultures for centuries and can still do so. Ethnic nations rooted in blood, language and culture is a tangible thing, which is why Apostolic Christianity has always honored ethnic and regional liturgical rites and traditions. God seperated the nations for a reason.

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