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The corona virus and the sudden, deserved death of the China shills

Spend enough time in paleoconservative circles and you will discover that there exists a curious, yet pronounced strain of sinophilia that is as vibrant as it is virulent. I don't just mean an admiration for historical Chinese culture, I mean an open and flirtatious adoration of the contemporary People's Republic and praise of the Chinese Communist Party.

The reasons for this are divergent. Some may be attributed to misguided sentimentality, such as John Derbyshire's absurd "Arctic Alliance" borne of his marriage to a Chinese woman. I have written about this previously.

Others may be explained by simple opportunism. Such is the case of Winston Sterzel, who goes by the alias "Serpentza", and spect years as something of an expat/sexpat booster for China on his Youtube channel. Mr. Sterzel has quite the history, it appears that having fathered a bastard child in his native South Africa he fled to Asia before graduating high school, eeking out a living through various tech support and ESL tutoring jobs before his channel took off. Rather than risk extradition, he generall praised the policies of the CCP and went so far as to deny the religious persecution of Christians in China. This is not to say that he never criticized the chinese people. He frequently showcased rural chinese as something of an oddity and went after corrupt local police officers and the like, but carefully maintained that the CCP itself was doing just fine. He even married a divorced party member in her 30's to prove it. If he did criticize the party, it was along solidly neoliberal globalist lines about immigration being too difficult. Poor, poor Winston.

Then the Trump/China trade war got to hot for old Winston, and he buggered off to America and began making videos catering to the Alt-Light neoliberal crowd like the opportunistic coward he has always been. If someone can give me evidence that he's genuinly changed his views, then I will retract my comments, but as far as I am aware he has never recanted on his most eggregious statements whitewashing the CCP's suppression of Christians and remains an opportunistic boot-licker with a sloppy-seconds commie concubine shilling for globalism.

So circumstance and cowardice may exoplain some of the misguided enthuasism for China on the right, but they do not beging to explain the constant cheerleading from the likes of Fred Reed, Israel Shamir or Vox Day.

Some of this may stem from the anglo-masonic desire to deny the Christian heritage and the general importance of Christianity to Western civillization.

The most probable conculsion is that these commentators have fallen for the Chinese portion of the Perestroika Deception. Much like the bogus "fall" of Communism in Russia, China is painted as having reformed its market and plays the role of a nationalist country standing up to the global banking hegemony while actually working in tandem with it. The People's Republic of China is the perfect example of a Judeo-Masonic state.

China has been a petridish for Judeo-Masonic experimentation since before Mao went to Yale. In fact, China was deliberatly betrayed into communism by the International power structure, the Chinese Communist Party was established by Jews, and their pretenses to nationalism notwithstanding, China has been a active partner in shaping the New World Order.

Not merely a petridish, China is also the end model of the New World Order: A godless, consumerist society under constant surveillance and central state management.

W E S T E R N M A N made a similar observation on twitter, and as per usual when someone states the blindingly obvious, a chorus of retards has to trot out and try to shout him down (I say "him" because women are almost never insightful).

Some tranny made the demonstratably false claim that the Hong Kong protestors are protesting for "democracy, not Christianity". A cursory google search proves otherwise. Besides, the CCP acts the way it does towards its citizens because it embraces the specificically anti-Christian Jewish communist ideology, as the party's attitude towards Christians clearly demonstrates. But it's probably too much to ask a tranny to keep up with reality.

This was more or less the same line of thought pushed by the commentator who insisted that all the Chinese needed was economic reform to straighten themselves out, using Taiwan as an example. Taiwan, with its stagnant birth rate, lumberous economy, low wages and embrace of faggotry. Taiwan has suffered the same fate as all secular, neoliberal nations under the thumb of globohomo.

Another poster made the dubious claim that China's decline is the result of abandoning Confucism. This is ridiculus. Confucism is a philosophy of extreme conformity and social submission. There's a reason Mao invoked it. It has done its part to turn the Chinese into a colony of human insectoids for thousands of years and stifled innovation, as Fr. Dr. Stanly Jaki pointed out.. Confucism is a self-destructive philosophy, and neither neoliberalism nor simple economic reform will fix that.

Another commentator in a retweet made criticism from the perspective of judeo-anglo-masonic racial idolatry. (As a side note, anybody who begins a statement with "Love me some" is a total faggot). White people without Christianity are suicidal retards with no sense of self-preservation. Atheists will invariable do the bidding of the Jew. Historical white pagans weren't much better. The Glories of classical Greece quickly gave way to human sacrifice and sodomy.

The fact is that both classical liberalism and communism are fruits of Judeo-Masonry, and the only reason America has persevered for so long is because the Christianity of its people overrode the poisonous roots of the nation's founding documents. Neither Confucist China, nor any other eastern nation for that matter, has the philosophical or religious fortitude to make a similar resistance, which is why "nationalist" India bended over so easily for the fags and the World Bank. Eastern "nationalism" like in India and China is always a front for Jewish soviet workings, and even before then, Eastern beliefs have always served the devil by leading people towards superstition ond idolatry and away from God. There is not antidote to the Judeo-Masonic New World Order Agenda that does not have Christianity as its bedrock.

If any good can come from the corona virus, is is that the weaknesses of the Chinese government have been laid bare, and those who defended the Chinese government have been made to look ridiculus. However, it will only be when critics understand that the weaknesses of China have been engineered into every modern liberal democracy, and that only Christian social teaching can provide a way forward, can we dare to hope that any true progress will be made.

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